Plastic bottles

We believe in providing beautiful, luxurious accommodation and facilities at Samathi Lake, we also believe in doing our bit for the environment. We calculated that if we put plastic bottles in Samathi Lake bedrooms we would be contributing over 13,000 small water bottles to land fill every year. We have therefore made the decision not to sell any single use plastic water bottles, and instead every guest who comes to stay at Samathi Lake will receive a free refillable bottle when they check in.  You can refill the bottle for free in the bar whenever you wish, and the bottle is also yours to take away when you leave. We really hope that long after you leave us you will continue to use your refillable bottles to save on single use plastic. Day guests will also be served water for free in glass bottles. We also use bamboo straws in the bar and bio-degradable take away containers instead of styrofoam. We would love to get to the stage where Samathi Lake becomes completely free of single use plastic, but that is still a long way off!  If you would like some more information about single use plastic, specifically in Cambodia there are some great sources of information out there such as

We have designed our very own ceramic toiletry pots which we refill when we clean the rooms rather than providing you with a small disposable plastic bottles, It means we can choose quality products to put in our pots and that we are not contributing to waste.

Room cleaning and fresh towels

We always clean the rooms daily so please let us know if you do not want your room cleaned by displaying the do not disturb sign. Washing towels daily uses a lot of electricity and water, everyone doing a small thing like re-using a towel can make a massive difference, if you do require fresh towels please display the new towels sign so that we can replace them for you when we clean your room.

Recycling & Compost

At Samathi Lake we recycle all our empty cans and glass bottles, we also separate all the kitchen scraps that we can use to create compost for our organic farm.